Beginnings of information literacy in Latin America

A recognition of the pioneers




development, information literacy, Latin America, past, pioneers


This article is part of a study that synthesised the origin, evolution, current state, and future trends of information literacy (IL) in Latin America. For this special issue, the first part (the past) is presented as a recognition of the pioneers of this topic in the region; this will be followed up by a future article that will present IL’s current and future developments, following the same methodology and structure. This study employed a quantitative and qualitative review of documents published by Latin American authors to map out IL's development in the region, which was structured around four pivotal “moments” in the development of IL in Latin America: 1) beginnings (1997–2007), which is presented in this article, and marks the initial phase of IL's introduction and early development in Latin America, characterized by foundational texts and the organisation of critical events that set the stage for IL's growth in the region; and three other moments that will be presented in the future article: 2) advances–positioning (2008–2019) pre-pandemic, 3) main trends (2020–2023), and 4) some perspectives (2024–…). The beginnings presented in this article recognise the work of the librarians, professors, researchers and institutions that introduced IL in our region: without these foundations, it would not have been possible to reach the current developments (present) and the emerging perspectives (future).






Anniversary of IL Special Issue 2024