Chasing information literacy into the wild

Questions for the Anthropocene epoch




Anthropocene, information behaviour, information literacy


In the context of information literacy (IL) research, the Anthropocene age offers an opportunity for researchers  to explore to develop a more sophisticated understanding of the complexity of  information literacy which result from rapid and complex social, political and economic change; to address the risk of societal  fragmentation which is created by misinformation/disinformation;  and to understand the risk to democratically encouraged information environments that will come with increasing incorporation of AI and opinion-driven social platforms into everyday life. For library practitioners who provide instruction or education, challenges exist in relation to scaffolding and encouraging sustainable, transferrable information and technological practices, not only in our own inward facing professional practice but in our outward facing practice with the myriad communities we support. Against this problematisation, this brief, but broad ranging paper aims to identify a range of questions for thinking about the practice of IL in the Anthropocenic age. No attempt is made to answer these questions, instead they act as an impetus for future researchers and practitioner researchers.






Anniversary of IL Special Issue 2024